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How many times have you been watching a football match and felt the need to scream at the TV as the manager makes some ridiculous decision that eventually costs his team a goal? You're absolutely convinced you could do better. With Top Eleven, you get that chance. Top Eleven is one of the most popular online games in the world where you become a football manager in charge of your own team during live game situations. There's nothing to download as it is played online through social media. You simply login to your Facebook account, search for the Top Eleven app under Games and click the 'Play' button to get started.
From there, you choose your team name, your team's emblem and your home and away kits. You can design any of these items on your own for free. But if you want access to more than the standard designs, that will cost you tokens, which you can buy or earn by doing different tasks.
Your first team is automatically selected for you. Don't be confused. These aren't based on real players even if some names may sound familiar. Each player has different skill levels and positions where they best fit. You can buy, sell and transfer players but, again, that will cost you tokens. Your home screen also shows a separate category of funds called bank account that you use for stadiums, players, etc. But to raise that, you must take out a loan that, yes, costs tokens.

A Unique Match Experience

The true beauty of Top Eleven is the live game. You get to watch the game unfold and make real-time decisions on formations, lineups and substitutions. Top Eleven's interface is similar to an online gamecast of an actual match with score, stats, time and play-by-play text. You can also play through your mobile phone, meaning you'll never miss a game.
In addition to the moves you make during a match, there are plenty of off-field transactions that can help you win. One is your stadium. Your initial entry into the game gets you a 200-seat stadium. But the more you play (and spend) can help you accumulate money to build a bigger stadium. Once you have more fans, that gives you a boost when you're playing at home.
Your striker miss a sitter in injury time? You can up his morale by, you guessed it, buying a morale boost. You can also purchase health boosts for injured players.

Buy or Earn Tokens

As you can see, tokens are paramount in Top Eleven. You need them even when it seems like you don't (see bank account note from before). Since Top Eleven tokens can be used for a number of in-game purchases from kits to emblems, players to stadiums, it's important to have a reserve. If you want them fast, you can simply pay for them through a credit card or PayPal account. Or you can download apps and games, watch sponsor ads or perform other tasks to receive a small amount of tokens for free.
To really increase your club's purse, there are also top eleven token hacks that exist to get you a lot of tokens fast. These hacks instantly boost your team's revenue, allowing for an upgrade into that new stadium, better uniforms and better players. That will translate into more wins, which also helps fill your coffer.

Top Eleven Token Hacks

These special hacks are essentially codes that are easy to apply to your Top Eleven account . The hacks will give you a token boost on the spot. No waiting, no paying, no downloading games. And since Top Eleven is built on the premise of continually using tokens to improve your team, stadium and fan base, you can embark on whatever football fantasy you wish. With token hacks, you can also get the funds to raise your own level as a manager. The higher you go in terms of levels, the more power and cache you have to help your team win its league and advance into prestigious cup tournaments.

A Solution to Waiting for Tokens

Imagine beige able to restock your lineup, add on to the stadium and make all your players healthy in a matter of minutes. With Top Eleven token hacks, it's easy and possible. Why sit through another advertisement for a few tokens? Get the hacks that really get you in the game.